Welcome to the Card Centric Solutions' website. We trust that we will be able to fulfill your needs of Smart Card technologies you are looking for. We welcome your questions about SIM Cards, Banking Cards, RFID, ID and other chip embedded products, applications and related subject matter.  We will do our absolute best to serve you effectively and implement the best outfit for your company.
Being one-stop shop in SIM Card industry, Card Centric provides a wide variety of Multi-IMSI SIM Cards and value added solutions for its valuable customers around the world, thanks to its long term proven track record. The most common Multi-IMSI implementations are the Manual IMSI selection via STK, automatic IMSI assignment or OTA push to update SIM Cards with new IMSIs according to the card types/subscriptions/users or other segmentation defined by the MNOs.
Additionally OTA managed Dynamic IMSIs could be assigned onto the cards dynamically according to the location of the subscriber securely and instantly over the air accommodating Card Centric OTA platform with SMS/HTTP/USSD gateway. The capability of updating many other parameters of the Multi-IMSI SIM Card, such as SPN, SMSC, PLMN, FPLMN, Ki, etc... provides huge flexibility to MNOs/MVNOs in managing its roaming agreements while keeping the best price level for its subscribers travelling abroad. Needless to mention that there could be vast range of other scenarios implemented successfully according to your requirements. In order to get more details about our Multi IMSI products, please contact us at sales@cardcentric.com

SIM POP UP solution is based on Server-Client architecture, the system of which, is provided by Card Centric with an easy deployment by pre or post personalisation of the SIM Cards by SIM vendors or remotely over the air.Targeted subscriber segments become aware of new services using Over The Air technology and could instantly subscribe to the MNO's services by pressing on one button on their handsets.While MNOs enjoy this fast deployment of the new services and increase in ARPUs, their subscriber loyalty level increases dramatically preventing churn.


Card Centric presents its, “C2 Parental Control platform” which is Client (SIM - Server based architecture, prevents children from placing calls, SMSs and be subject to data/content abuse during the times or at the locations defined by his/her parents.Parents could configure the phone communication behavior of the children based on time or location, using the handset application or web interface. C2 parental control solution differentiates itself from the other web/handset application solutions, by creating the opportunity for the parents to stay in control of the children without the children knowing this.Additionally unlike the other conventional systems, the child cannot cheat C2 SIM based platform as it makes SIM replacement necessary.


Card Centric offers vast range of M2M SIM Cards and applications worldwide. Not only the standard form factors namely 2FF/3FF/4FF but also MFF2 (QFN8) format is supplied for many industrial M2M practices too.With our strength in SIM based application development, we have the ability to serve most of the requirements currently exist in the wide range of markets, namely smart meters, fleet management, Multi IMSI, automotive and many more.

Contact us for broader information and real time demonstrations to let us show you how we could lead you to success in M2M projects no matter your location around the globe.


*C2 OTA Platform with different features and service levels is in service of all types of Telecom operators. Our customers benefit Flash SMS, RFM and RAM functions with flexible data and subscription models. For more information please click here!

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Meet us at Barcelona,GSMA Mobile World Congress 2018 !
Card Centric will be present in MWC 2018 / Barcelona show to meet industry professionals from all over the world.
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Secure Smart Cards for various industry applications.....
As well as NFC products in Telecommunications, Card Centric proudly provides Contact, Contactless, Hybrid and Dual Interface smartcards for various industries such as Transportation, Ticketing, Health and ID projects.
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Evaluation of Telecommunications will be moved up to the next level of virtualisation with 5G
As we are moving towards Q4 of 2017, Telecommunications industry is waiting for 5G standards to be announced by GSMA & 3GPP organization. Having this being said, SIM Card technology providers which are mainly consisted of SIM Alliance members try to make considerable contribution........
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Card Centric/Ireland celebrates its 6th year anniversary!
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Card Centric delivers cutting edge eUICC SIM Cards to its clients in B2B segment
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IoT modules are fully available!
Card Centric delivers IoT products and services across the industry with wide range of product portfolio....
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You never know who is behind the scene...
Card Centric provides IoT/M2M SIM Cards, subscription management platform and applications for its customers...
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eUICCs are now available with subscription management platform...
Card Centric is proud to announce it's embedded eUICC products availability for M2M/IoT applications for all use cases.
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Subscription Assistant - Subscribe new customers at once!
Subscription Assistant which is a SIM based value added application, helps MNOs to subscribe new customers rapidly, at the first usage of the SIM Card, while collecting their personal data for service activation and CRM purposes.
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