15.01.2018 - Meet us at Barcelona,GSMA Mobile World Congress 2018 !

Card Centric will be present in MWC 2018 show to meet industry professionals from all over the world. It would be our privilage to  welcome our guests in our meeting room at the hall number 6 with the room number "6O48MR" . We would look forward to having fruitful discussions with our partners and customers by scheduled appointments, during 4 days of exhibition from 26th of February to 1st of March.

See you in Barcelona!

25.11.2017 - How to detect the subscriber usage of a new device?
IMEI Tracking Application  is used by the Telecom Operators to detect the change of device when the SIM Card is inserted in a new handset or other mobile devices. Application simply sends the necessary IMEl number of the new mobile device to the Telecom Operator's server via USSD or SMS and enable the new device to receive personal settings such as WAP, MMS and SMS configurations automatically. Please consult your sales representative in Card Centric, for broader technical and commercial details at sales@cardcentric.com.
14.09.2017 - Secure Smart Cards for various industry applications.....

As well as NFC products in Telecommunications, Card Centric proudly provides Contact, Contactless, Hybrid and Dual Interface smartcards for various industries such as Transportation, Ticketing, Health and ID. In accordance with international payment and ID standards, Card Centric matches wide range of customer requirements succesfully providing end to end security, product integrity and interoperability across markets.

26.07.2017 - Evaluation of Telecommunications will be moved up to the next level of virtualisation with 5G

As we are moving towards Q4 of 2017, Telecommunications industry is waiting for the first release of 5G standards to be announced by GSMA & 3GPP organization. Having this being said, SIM Card technology providers which are mainly consisted of SIM Alliance members try to make considerable contribution to 5G initiative from the perspective of SIM.

From 2012 and onwards 4G LTE SIM Cards have taken over the market quite rapidly especially in developed countries , where the MNOs were seeking to exploit the IP and Multimedia services as well as M2M markets in order to enjoy new revenue streams and increase profit margins. However this is not the end but the beginning of a new era of virtualisation, because now 5G technology is at the door steps ringing the bells for higher speeds, extensive broadband and massive digitalisation opportunities.

To provide you with more in depth knowledgebase on future 5G networks, we would like to share with you the link to the related SIM Alliance white paper below; 


For more information, you could also contact sales@cardcentric.com

31.05.2017 - Card Centric/Ireland celebrates its 6th year anniversary!

heartCard Centric/Ireland celebrates its 6th year of establishment, serving wide variety of customers of different size who have high variety of requirements in Telecom, Finance, Transportation Industries across the globe.

We are proud to spread our footprint through every continent in such a short time frame so succesfully and we would like to thank our team, customers, and partners who took a great role in this extraordinary expansion. We are very pleased to work with you!heart

16.03.2017 - Card Centric delivers cutting edge eUICC SIM Cards to its clients in B2B segment

Card Centric is proud to announce the availability of eUICC SIM Cards which is compliant with GSM Association standards released on 27th of March 2016. eUICC SIM Card, in other words eSIM , makes it possible to download or switch the full profile of a SIM Card over the air on demand. You could download the full standard of eUICC SIM Cards from the link below;


For any inquiry on eUICC / eSIM Cards , please email us at sales@cardcentric.com to let us assist you further.

24.01.2017 - Barcelona / Mobile World Congress is approaching...

Barcelona / Mobile World Congress is approaching...

Major event in Telecommunications Industry, namely GSMA Mobile World Congress will take place in Barcelona, between the dates of 27th February until 2nd of March this year. Card Centric team will be present at the exhibition to meet its valuable partners and clients from all over the world. To set an appointment please contact Card Centric Sales Team at sales@cardcentric.com 

We look forward to meeting you at the show!

30.12.2016 - Happy New Year!

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We Wish All The People Of The World A Fabulous New Year With Joy, Peace And Happiness…

24.10.2016 - IoT modules are fully available!

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Card Centric delivers IoT products and services across the industry with wide range of products and services portfolio.

Our customers enjoy the state of the art SIM modules of 2FF/3FF/4FF replugable, MFF2 - QFN8, WLCSP and other propriatery sizes needed as per their requirements in the related industry segment. Light, Standard and Extreme level of products deployed across countries with applications like Multi IMSI and many more, which are managed by our OTA (or 3rd party) platform and/or eUICC subscription management server.

In case you would like to have broader information about this product and services segment of Card Centric, please don't hasistate to contact us at sales@cardcentric.com

24.08.2016 - You never know who is behind the scene...
Card Centric provides IoT/M2M SIM Cards and applications for its customers of MVNEs, MVNOs or MNOs who are supplying IoT data plans and services to their subscribers bundled with SIM Cards.
We are known to be the technology partner in SIM supply and act as the solution provider for Telecom operators behind the curtain, to let them compete using all the benefits of IoT SIM Card and SIM based services in the field of IoT connectivity.
25.06.2016 - eUICCs are now available with subscription management platform...

Card Centric is proud to announce it's embedded eUICC products availability for M2M/IoT applications for all use cases. Regardless of the industry of usage, C2 eUICCs which are fully compliant with the latest release of GSM Association, are in service of the enterprises , designed to enable eSIM communication between devices and supporting back end systems. Card Centric also supports its products with the state of the art, subscription management platform to manage MNO profiles over the air on demand.

Please contact us at sales@cardcentric.com to let us furnish you with broader information and project management proposals.

30.04.2016 - Subscription Assistant - Subscribe new customers at once!

Subscription Assistant which is a SIM based value added application, helps MNOs to subscribe new customers rapidly, at the first usage of the SIM Card, while collecting their personal data for service activation and CRM purposes. Collected data could be namely; Name, Surname, Address, ID number, Fixed Phone number, Gender, and other required info where necessary. GSM/CDMA services could be activated after receiving all relevant data and finalise background checks in seconds.

The system provides a very quick and easy deployment for MNOs via USSD, SMS gateway or data channels.

You just need a Card Centric SIM Card to make it happen! In case, you need further information, please contact us at sales@cardcentric.com , in order to receive detailed data sheet and application features.

03.03.2016 - The biggest show of the industry, GSMA Mobile World Congress/2016 is succesfully ended...
GSMA/Mobile World Congress 2016 which was held in Barcelona, was a breath taking show for Card Centric and telecommunications ecosystem. Especially with high concentration on M2M SIMs and eUICC discussions, promises a very bright future in SIM industry, would definetely be a strong driving point in 2016 and 2017.
As Card Centric team, we are thankful to our partners and customers for taking time to meet us and we would look forward to seeing you in Barcelona again, in 2017!
04.01.2016 - Card Centric joined SIM Alliance

Card Centric is approved by SIM Alliance board to become the most recent member of the Alliance, which is a non-profit organization simplifying secure element implementation for deployment and management of secure mobile services.

With this membership, Card Centric became a part of the group of SIM Vendors, which represent approximately %90 of all the SIM Cards distributed around the world.

For more information on SIM Alliance please visit;

25.12.2015 - Thin like a paper, attach like a sticker!

Card Centric is happy to announce its Slim and Sticky SIM Cards which could be attached on top of any SIM Cards of any Telecom operator that enables you to provide Dual SIM Card services on single handset. The sticker SIM filters all APDU commands sent by the handset to the SIM card and is able to change some APDU responses sent by the SIM card. Only constraint about these sticky SIMs is that it would only work with the unlocked handsets. Please refer to sales@cardcentric.com for broader information.

23.10.2015 - Card Centric is expanding its presence in Africa.

Card Centric, with its remarkable and continuous expansion in SIM Cards and SIM based services Industry for 4 years in a row, it is now increasing its footprint rapidly in Africa. Card Centric is proud to announce that providing all the SIM Cards and SIM based VAS in line with GSM and CMDA networks, Card Centric is confident in achieving bigger market share in West and North African regions in short and midterm.

08.09.2015 - Multi-IMSI application: Simplicity, Speed, Localization, Cost Effectiveness, Availability!

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Multi-IMSI application: Simplicity, Speed,  Localization, Cost Effectiveness, Availability! What could a subscriber requests more? 

Paying less, speed with freedom of choice, being always on...? Card Centric Multi IMSI application for MNOs is designed to support all these features. Our SIM vendor independent and totally interoperable Multi IMSI application is loaded on the SIM Cards which makes it possible for MNOs to update IMSIs over the air easily and gain the ability to manage airtime charges whenever needed.

26.06.2015 - CSIM technology is available with C2 SIM Cards.

CSIM SIM Cards that works on UICC technology is available for its customers worldwide. Our CSIM application simply provides the ability for the users to use their SIM Cards with any handsets no matter if they are a mobile phone or a broadband telephony device that runs on CMDA 2000 infrastructure. Please refer to our sales representatives for further information from the sales@cardcentric.com email.

06.05.2015 - C2 ISIM cards are now available for succesfull convergence!

Card Centric ISIM (IP Multimedia Services Identity Module) application in C2 UICC SIM Cards for 4G/LTE networks is fully available for our customers.

C2 ISIM cards make it possible for the subscribers of Telecom operators to use both mobile and fixed networks with one unique UICC SIM Card. For successful convergence experience for your end users, please call us to let us explain, how we could assist you on the SIM side.

01.02.2015 - Faster and high level medical services for Patients, efficient and accurate processes for Health organizations and authorities.

E-health practices are widely used in Health Care Industry worldwide which helps the patients, hospitals and government authorities in many ways...

For  Patients, it decreases medical errors during treatment, quickens claims reimbursement and expedites admission process, reduces identity theft and fraud, where on the other side for Health care providers and government authorities, it streamlines all the data across hospitals and other parts of Health Industry entities, maintain emergency and medical directive information, decreases costs spent for the services.

In this perspective Card Centric provides C2 Health Care Smart Cards and applications which interact with the Hospital Information Systems through contact/contactless smart card readers to keep and manage important personal data of the Patients under high security and accuracy to serve e-health practices locally and/or worldwide.

Please contact us for more information and pilot demonstration requests at sales@cardcentric.com

10.11.2014 - Card Centric shared its SIM Card - OTA platform solutions with its partners and customers in Cartes 2014 / Paris exhibition.

Card Centric was proud to share its cutting edge 4G/LTE SIM Cards and OTA platform solutions with its partners and customers during Cartes 2014/Paris exhibition in Villepinte district between 4th of November – 6th of November. It was highly motivating for us to welcome an increasing demand on Card Centric OTA platform services namely Remote File Management, Remote Applet Management and Campaign Management from a considerable amount of partners and customers. We are thankful for the interest shown to our products and services and we are looking forward to meeting them in next years’ shows.

29.08.2014 - C2 VAS delivery platform is now available!
Card Centric VAS delivery platform is now available for our prospective customers to deploy vast range of value added applications to the SIM Cards remotely. Many customer services such as Live Screen, Mobile Payment, Fleet Management, Entertainment, and many applications or content is delivered employing C2 VAS delivery platform as a turnkey solution, connected to wide range of content providers. Local content providers in agreement with the GSM operators could also be linked to C2 VAS delivery platform via ready APIs, exploiting the advantage of cultural taste and behaviour delivered to the local subscribers with targeted campaigns.


16.06.2014 - "Action is the fundamental key to all success" said Pablo Picasso, in the beginning of 20th Century.

"Action is the fundamental key to all success" said Pablo Picasso , in the beginning of 20th Century. This saying is timeless and universal. Similarly, why don't you act now and boost your activities by exploiting the benefits of Card Centric Campaign Management tool? This gives you the opportunity to promote your services in alignment with your subscribers' profiles, real time.
Define Targeted Subscribers, Create Campaigns, Monitor Activities and Manage Users, efectively with accuracy.
Contact Card Centric team today and experience the feel and look of Card Centric Campaign Management Tool's extensive features, live!

17.03.2014 - Call Back - Create cost savings for your subscribers and increase customer loyalty!

Card Centric Solutions' SIM based Call Back application allows your subscribers to reduce their calls in international roaming by routing the calls through local telecom operators. This is done through the STK menu by activating callback feature to let your SIM Card detect when you are roaming and automatically asks you to dial your counterpart with call back option or not. Given that the Call Back option is selected,  then call back occurs when the originator of a call is immediately called back in a second call as a response.  

The call back system routes the calls through the networks in place, where the rates are much lower. This way your subscribers enjoy the lower international call bills and appreciate your service level which enhances their loyalty to your company and brand. Please contact sales@cardcentric.com to have more detailed information about the service.
20.12.2013 - M2M SIM Cards are available by Card Centric.

Card Centric provides M2M SIM Cards with all the industry required form factors such as VQFN8 and 2FF/3FF form factors.From Industrial to Automotive and High-end Secure solutions a wide range of Machine To Machine products and applications are available. Please contact sales@cardcentric.com for more information that suits to your market needs.

Basic Features:Temperature range is -40°C to +105°C ; Plug-in form factor; Removal / replacement requires significant effort, making it theft resistant; Vibration and humidity tolerant.

18.10.2013 - Save on logistics and stock holding costs with C2 SIM Provision !

Would you like to save on huge logistics and stock holding costs of SIM Cards purchasing and distribution? If your answer is yes, Card Centric has the right product for you. By C2 SIM provision you could handle the personalization of SIM Cards by on-demand provisioning of SIM cards at time of subscription. Doing this leads you to not only savings on logistics and stocks management costs but also upfront HLR licence fees, highere customer satisfaction with on site SIM replacements, ability to let your subscribers select the numbers available, dual MSISDN handling or elite number sales.

21.05.2013 - With Dynamic STK, subscribers do not need to change their SIM Cards now!

Card Centric DSTK system carries you to next generation of SIM based marketing with Dynamic SIM menu to furnish all your subscriber base with new VAS services in seconds. For OTA enabled Java cards, once the DSTK system is deployed, C2 Dynamic STK prevents you from SIM replacement costs when a new SIM based VAS is introduced while you enjoy substantial ARPU increase with added services targeting different customer segments and you gain serious competitive advantage against your rivals!

06.03.2013 - Non-Smart Phones ! Post your messages to Facebook!

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Connect to Facebook continuously , here is the solution for non-smart phones!  Card Centric Solutions is pleased to offer SIM based Facebook application for non-smart mobile phones. You can post or receive messages to your online account through the SIM menu and like or use other functions of Facebook continuously. GSM operators do not require to change their SIM vendors and can deploy the service easily to their current SIM cards on the market. Learn how! Please contact us at sales@cardcentric.com .

06.12.2012 - Card Centric acquired new production lines in Africa!

Card Centric proudly announces that our company has acquired the rights to use the production lines of a leading factory in Africa to continue to provide SIM Cards with broader perspective and capacity. New production units are VISA and ISO 9001 certified to ensure full security of the products and integrity of production processes. With this new agreement Card Centric yearly supply capability reached to more than 300 million SIM Cards globally.

12.11.2012 - Cartes 2012 was a great success for Card Centric Solutions!

Paris - Cartes 2012 exhibition was a great success for Card Centric and its partners where we had many valuable meetings to spread our international presence and built the foundations of many great projects in 2013. Project requests which we especially received from America and Europe showed us how well our company was positioned at the border lines of new technologies in SIM products and platforms. We had many exciting enquiries from our Middle Eastern customers and it was very surprising to see the distinctive services and consultancy requirements in different parts of Africa. We are very thankful to our current and potential customers and partners for their very valuable support and interest in Card Centric products and services.

02.11.2012 - Let's meet at Cartes 2012 Paris exhibition!

Card Centric welcomes its customers to meet in Cartes 2012 show in Paris - Villepinte Exhibition Center. We would be delighted to share the latest products of Card Centric Solutions in the areas of SIM Cards, Smart Cards and SIM based Value Added Services for mobile operators. Please contact us at sales@cardcentric.com , @cardcentric or facebook/cardcentric in order to introduce ourselves and present you great SIM solutions in person !

15.06.2012 - Over The Air (OTA) solutions of Card Centric is available !

Card Centric is delivering OTA solutions to manage handsets by RFM and RAM.It is built to achieve end-to-end security and content isolation on the server side, similar to what is done on the service side. Just drop us an email to have more information about our extensive OTA platform. Now available for quick pilot installations too ! Please refer to detailed description by clicking here.

21.02.2012 - We are fully ready to meet our customers and business partners in the greatest technology show on earth!

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Don't miss this fabulous event and Card Centric's solutions which will lead you towards success. Your company will enjoy considerable savings on SIM Card costs while experiencing strong customer aggegation and revenue assurance with our Value Added Services. It is our technology, it is your desire..... Contact us here  to suggest a meeting date and time.

03.12.2011 - Facebook welcomes Card Centric...

Card Centric Facebook page is live and waiting for its visitors to assist them with live interaction. C2 is dedicated to increase its coverage in web based media to reach its valuable customers in every occasion with wide variety of tools.

03.12.2011 - You are invited to follow us at @cardcentric!

"@Cardcentric" The twitter account of C2 is opened to share the information about updates in Card Centric Solutions. We will be able to tweet the discussions we are interested in, latest improvements on our side, and exchange knowledge quickly and regardless of place via mobile phones. You are kindly invited to follow us.

05.07.2011 - Card Centric is now in service of its prospective customers!

We are proud to announce that Card Centric is now in disposal of its prospective partners/customers in all international projects regardless of geography. C2 is serving intermediary service providers, distributors, local suppliers and fulfilment houses with its broad range of SIM and Smart Card products as well as RFID solutions.C2 welcomes all related enquiries from local and international players.

05.07.2011 - Card Centric to deliver its products to different continents.

C2 has made a quick start delivering its SIM Card products to different partners around the EMEA. The products ranged from 64K Java to 128K USIM (3G) SIM Cards with very fast delivery times and competitive pricing.

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